Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hills = Hurt

A text from Kate yesterday led to a plan for a hilly road ride today. So after getting home from work there was some frantic bike fettling going on so I could take gears. Ruby had no tyres as they had gone on the langster! Kate arrived nearly on time so I wasn't quite ready but she brought her cute puppy with her. Ali was in heaven and her afternoon plans changed to playing with puppy.

We set out up the first hill and I remember that even an unfit Kate flys up hills. She assures me that she was working hard and could nearly taste blood in her mouth. But from where I was with my heart pounding and struggling to breath as she disappeared she made it look easy.

Out towards Blackburn, a skirt round Darwen, back through tockholes and down to Belmont. Then it was time for one last hill before the cafe. The climb was hard but good but coming down to Rivington was interesting to say the least. With ice everywhere, I thought we were nearly clear of it when Kate clattered down. We walked across the cattle grid and then made our way to the barn. Just in time for tea - although a little late for cakes.

Then it was time for all our layers and head back towards Bolton, I was glad to get climbing up Choreley Old Road as then I warmed up and my hands came back to life! But once we were spinning round the ring road I was getting cold again and glad to get home.

My legs decided by 15miles they couldn't climb and I was beyond slow, but its good to get out in the hills again. It's coming back!


  1. There were quite a few really dodgy patches of ice on the roads round Rivi today, I was a very cautious driver on the way up to the car park at the bottom of the ICR. Hope Kate is ok.

    I spent most of my run sliding across icy bogs, think I prefer boggy!

  2. It was that road! Everywhere else was fine so it was a shock!