Friday, 22 January 2010

Ali's birthday

Yesterday was Ali's birthday and my work for the day was cancelled so I was left with lots of tasks, mainly spoil her rotten. First of all it was get her up and out to work. I had made her a card and she thought I would forget so that put her in a good mood. Then I had to go and get cakes for everyone at her work. I managed even following her list to get twice as much as needed! So lots of cakes brought home for me! I had to drive to get them as I was under instructions that shoving them in a bike to cycle would mean squashed cakes.

Then it was lunch, I took Ali a picnic, making her some wraps as a surprise, they seemed to work ok. It was cold though so I didn't stay till the end.

To end the day we went to Barrocco's for dinner. Pizza followed by pizza for me and lots of wine for both of us.

I was shattered but it was a nice day, Ali now thinks she is old!


  1. Happy birthday to Ali for yesterday which happened to be mine too!

    She feels old - wait until she gets in her mid-50s :-(

    I grew a beard after Christmas to keep my face warm and the bottom half of it was white. Now THAT'S old!

  2. Seeing as I am older than her it makes me laugh!!!

    A birthday twin she will like that!!!

  3. I'm assuming by old she means 30? If it makes her feel any better I am 36 in March (and Jez is 42 hee hee)...Happy Birthday Ali, she deserves to be spoiled! She is not old!

  4. Happy Birthday Ali!
    It must be love if you got into a car for her :-) (let alone buy her work cakes for her - you ARE very good to each other!)

  5. @Julbags no she is a baby of 28!!

  6. I turn 30 in a few days time. This is something i'm not lookin forward to!

  7. 28 - a mere baby! Hope Ali had a lovely birthday.

  8. belated birthday wishes ali, you young whipper snapper ;)