Sunday, 31 January 2010

Riding the track

Another session with the cyclechat boys. After a warm up it was five lots of 10seconds sprint, 10 seconds recover. Then after a recovery period repeat, this time standing up, I tried for the first two but I couldn't sprint and stand up so sat down for the last two. Some more riding on the blue then the lumpy bumps. Followed by a pursuit thing where four went off the front and worked together to get back on the back. The working together thing didn't work that well as none of us knew what speed the others could ride at. After that a 250m sprint, something I am rubbish at. Then a last cool down where Ali and I hooked up with the othe girl and did a nice through and off till the end of the session.

Stopped for pizza on the way home to use up the pizza express voucher that expired today.

Tired but happy now.


  1. that's a whole word of cycling that i don't even understand!

  2. Nice seeing you both there and you looked like you were enjoying yourselves. I loved the'skills' bits that you have mentioned as its something new to me.I thought we would just go in circles for 2 hrs. It's definitely changed my mind about getting a track bike instead or more wheels. See you at the next one?