Monday, 18 January 2010

Fixie Chicks

A slighty better nights sleep in that I got to sleep before 2am but still waking up all the time. At 6:30ish I gave in and got up. But the difference this morning is I got stuff done, dishes, Ali's sandwiches and Oatie cakes baked (Ali was asking for some last night so it was a nice suprise for her to get up to!) Today was a planned fixed rider with Jumbly meeting at 10:30am. Obviously I decided to attach my lock to the bike, then realised that my pedal couldn't get past it just before I was meant to leave. So as always I was a little late leaving. I used to be such an organised person as well, still timekeeping will improve again I am sure!

Once we met we headed off to the bike shop for some new bars for Jumbly's bike, she fancied drops as she wasn't comfy on the current bars. I pointed out she was balancing on her fingertips and not holding onto them. There I saw the ideal rack for young boys.

After that we went to Jumblys and fitted new bars and I gave a quick lesson in taping bars, the finished result was pretty good actually! Then on the bikes for beer and food! We went to a lovely pub, friendly staff and a fire to dry our gloves by.

Then back to Jumblys via another bike shop, its new but not exciting, to be greeted by Glyn offering hot chocolates. I left as it was getting dark with no front light, opps! Then realised Ali had no front door keys so went via her work to collect her and home.

Big grin on my face all evening, things are stabilising again. Now the question is do I dare try riding fixed to work in rush hour tomorrow?


  1. I had a really good day! Have to say I'm aching a bit now, my legs haven't pedalled for a long time. We might have to do an intermediate ride next week and the coast the week after!

  2. My legs have never pedalled that much over 30miles. It must be twice as much as with a freewheel!

    Suggest a distance and I will plot a route!

  3. sounds like you won, a lovely day despite the lack of sleep :)

  4. On the last big fixed ride I did that big hill from Jumblies pub back into Bolton was enough to have me stop and turn my wheel around to freewheel. I couldn't cope with crazy cadences with 100+ miles in my legs.

    Riding through Manchester fixed was easy though. Once the bike was up to speed it felt as though I hardly had try. I just had to sit there and let the bike turn my legs for me.

  5. Maybe a 40-45 miler? We could take in the pub at Croston, I'll try and find out when they serve food!

  6. @redbikes Not sure which way you went back from Jumblys, I am assuming not the way I did as that was ok fixed. My long hilly rides will always be geared!

    @kate Winning ;-) I'll never let it beat me!

    @Jumbly Sounds good I'll get playing with maps (geeky me is excited about that!) It can be my birthday ride!