Sunday, 3 January 2010

Snowboarding in England?

Today I was meant to be at the cyclo-cross race in Todmorden.  But Ali had other ideas, after reading various facebook updates she wanted to go snowboarding.  Some time thinking about the options and the decision was made to go over to the mountain boarding centre near Halifax, as long as the snow didn't disappear.  So I was up at 7am to make us some Oatie cakes to keep us going through the day.  Ali gave them a quick ring and was told there was 2 inches of fresh stuff on a good base so we jumped in the car and headed over.  A quick stop on the way to pick up sandwiches as we had no bread in the house and we were soon in the tiny car park.  Only a handful of cars were there so I went in to pay while Ali got her kit on.  The guy was sorting out skis for a group but it was a case of me signing a disclaimer since I had my own kit.

Onto the slope and the first obstacle was a rope tow.  Something neither of us have used that much, me mainly when I was skiing!  I got to the top and eventually Ali made it up!!!  Time for first runs, I was very nervous as I hadn't been on a board since Feb 2008 and that was just in a fridge!

First run was fun and I was so happy to be back on the snow, even if the run was a little short!  I couldn't wait to head back up again.  I had remembered how to turn so all was good.

After a couple of runs we decided to investigate the run in the middle, no drag lift on this slope so a little walking from the top of the first slope, but it was worth it!  Frest powder and lumps and bumps to play on!

The day was spent playing in the snow, including Ali making a snow angel, in what had been till near the end our own personal powder run - think most other people didn't like the hike out of it!

As always Ali made her angel face first!

I would go back tomorrow if Ali hadn't made it clear that I better not even think about it!

I had almost given up on getting to play on my board again anytime soon.  But today was a perfect sunny day on the piste.


  1. Wow, that looks ace! I haven't boarded for 3 or 4 years. Had no idea you could do it so close to home!

  2. Ooh jealous! I had a trip to the Chill Factore a couple of weeks ago and was really getting the hang of it again and enjoying it, mainly because I borrowed a shorter board from them rather than use my own.

    Out of interest what length is your board?

  3. cool! nice pics! i am so jealous! x

  4. Julbags I was on my 149, I have two but took the shorter one as I didn't think I was strong enough for the other and prefer this board. I get on better with a shorter board unless deep powder as I am quite light on my board.

    Simon It was a new venue to me! Guess that there has never really been the snow before. I used to head up to Scotland whenever there was snow. Think we are hoping there is more snow so we can play somewhere next weekend.

  5. Thanks, I have a 152 which I think is a bit long (and accelerates far too well) for me really. I borrowed a 149 which was easier to handle.

    Scottish conditions are fab at the moment (if you can actually get to the resort!).

  6. Yes there was a nice hot chocolate at one point as well, Ali had tea?

  7. Yes I imagine the snow in Scotland is fab, can't afford to head up there at the moment and Ali would kill me if I went without her anyway!

    Think my rome is a 151, which is the right length for me. Got the Broad for freestyle/dryslope but it tends to be used as my main board. Not that I get out on it much anyway! It sinks in deep powder but so does the rome!

    I'll let you know if we head over next weekend, if there is more snow that is the plan. It was great fun!

  8. Looks like fun!!! I haven't been on a board (skateboard or snowboard) since before 2001 (that was the year I had my neck broken on the job...have feared the falling off I seem intent on doing when riding anykind of boards,LOL). I REALLY miss those days! Great read and thanks for the memories :)

  9. loads of my friends are boarding down in the tweed vally near innerliethen..its real deep there..proberly need to xc ski to get there!,never done it but my mates who do think im daft enough to go big!..i dunno!!

  10. Is there anything that you two don't put your hand to?

  11. Fabulous ! And it's put down more today !!

  12. I know Pink Orange, already been out playing, it is fab out there!