Friday, 29 January 2010

An early start

Today I was working over at Macc Forest. After last time I really didn't fancy driving round in rush hour traffic, way to send my anxiety levels up. So after spending an evening making my mountain bike rideable I went to bed with a plan. I was awake from 4am anyway so the plan was easy. Breakfast just after 5am and then I left just after 6am - Ali checked I knew how early it was. The motorway was lovely but it was still dark when I arrived. I read a chapter of my book and then it was light enough. An hours run around the tracks of Macc Forest. I just followed walking trails and although I never got high it was steep up and down a lot and I managed to find 300m of ascent. Relatively slow and data from my garmin is here for any geeks that are interested.


  1. How irronic, just ridden around there tonight. The big fire-road down back to the reservior was somewhat intresting fixed-wheel.

    Did u go to three-shires? Coudnt believe theres still snow there!

  2. I cant see yoyr Garmin track. Did u run all the way around? It must be 6/7 Miles and there is a LOT of climbing (guess you noticed that bit).

    Well done Trio!

  3. I love Macc Forest. I need to go for a ride there pretty soon.
    I know some monstrous routes round there too.

    What work was ya doin?