Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Commutimg fixed

After much "should I, shouldn't I?" I decided just to try fixed for the commute, I could always stop and flip the wheel if it was too much! Obviously I meant to leave 15minutes early just in case, this worked out well as when I left 15minutes late I was running on time - as long as I stayed fixed! It went okay and I think I was coping better on the downhills, the one off the Bury road I almost felt comfortable letting my legs fly round uber fast. I am scared what happens when I need to stop - I know use the brakes like I usually would!

Traffic was so bad in Whitefield, do I assume the M60 was closed or something? I ended up getting off and walking along the pavement there was literally nowhere to filter!

Soon I was getting used to the bike, once I remember that scooting wasn't easy as the pedal I was attached to still moved! Into the office and collected files and Ali's birthday present! Then onto the school for a bike fixing morning - my job was mainly to pump up all the tyres and pass the correct tools! Afternoon at work went brilliantly! Felt really confident! So great day.

Rode home and I could feel my back, think that might be all the work files, usual work stuff and Ali's present making my bag heavy.

Home, washed bike and decided night riding was crazy! I have plenty of miles to do getting to work this week and I will have lost a load of fitness!

Now what do I think of fixed? Still not sure! Also think I am slower as go slower down the hills, how fast must I be spinning my legs to get anywhere near 30mph?


  1. Depends what gears your running. Go to Sheldons gear calculator and stick the sizes in and pick RPM to work it out.
    A lot is the normal answer. It's not much slower once you know what your doing. I always found big downhills were the main problem. Just becomes a PITA for that.

  2. I WILL try to ride fixed one day... one day...

  3. If you can get 30mph using 42x16 I will be increadably inpressed. I normally chicken out at about 25mph.

    I think 42x16 is a 62" ratio.

    Using Speed(mph) = Gear(in) × Cadence (rpm) ÷ 336

    30mph is a cadence of 162rpm
    25mph = 135rpm
    20mph = 108rpm !

  4. How the heck do you manage to go up Bury Road on a fixie (unless you live near the top) - thats a long slow climb!

    You must have some huge thigh muscles.

  5. @redbikes That sounds silly fast! Just checked and it is a 69" gear.

    Using your formula I must have a slow cadence as I am usually below 15mph and that is 73prm - something to work on!

    @Joby I have only done Bury Old road it is fine. Find the bit between radcliffe and bolton the worst hill really. BUt we'll see by friday I might be dead!

  6. @Trio I'm at work so I didn't have time to work it out. I just used a forumla off the web.

    Gear ratio = 42/16 = 2.625
    Wheel Cirum (700x23) = 2.1m
    1 mph = 1.609 km/h
    1mph = 26.8meter / min

    Cadence = speed(m/min) / Circum (m) / Ratio

    Speed (mph) x 4.86 = cadence,
    (I think?).

    So 25mph = 121rpm

    @Joby: Climbing fixed wheel is a lot easier than you'd think. It's coming back down that I struggle with! I would probably find it easier to climb long drags like the Bury road fixed gear than on a geared bike!!
    You should see the road route I often take to work. It has something daft like 1500ft of ascent in just 12miles.

  7. ok, i can't ride fixed if you have to do maths too!!!

  8. Better get used to maths kate - although it is really numeracy! One tablet, two tablet etc!

    @redbikes, I have no intention of doing anything that hilly!

    The ratio feels fine to me I can get up hills. Top speed so far is 22mph - who needs to go any faster?

  9. You doing HTN on the fixie? I'm going to try not to fall off on the way to the start this year!

  10. @Dave Do you think I am crazy??? No not fixed, (un)fortunately my fixed bike is a road bike!