Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More boarding....

Just as I was about to make Ali's lunch and then think about running to her work via the bank there was a knock on the door.  Yes Ali was back!  She had got there and since only a few others had managed/bothered to get in she asked could she go home to play in the snow.  Fortunately her direct Boss is a snowhead too and said yes!!!  So it was breakfast number two and then back to the golf course for some more fun!  This time we didn't have the slopes to ourselves though as there were lots of people sledging!  But there was still some fresh stuff at the edge since the sledges just ground to a halt when they tried it!

When it got a little busier we moved over to the kicker we had found earlier, a bit of building and shaping and it was sorted.  After a while I was feeling a little more confident and was even just about grabbing my board - its so long since I've boarded I was amazed!  Ali did take some photos of this but managed not to save them as we were using my phone due to someone bringing a camera with no memory card in it!

When some sledgers started having a go at the kicker, no it didn't work!  We headed home for lunch both pretty hungry.  But no way were we staying in then, so it was off back out again.  Firwood fold where we used to live looked amazing as we walked/sledged through it.

The slopes were pretty tracked out then so we reclaimed the kicker and rebuilt but the run in was horrid, so we tried a longer run but it wasn't quite steep enough.  So it was back to the first slope we had tried in the morning.  It was now pretty quiet compared to the steep slope and still had some nice powder on it.  There were also a couple of lads trying to board on the hill.

It wasn't long before I spotted some powder in the trees so we ended the day with some tree runs.

Can't believe we had our very own snow day on our doorstep, over the course of last night and today I think about a foot of snow fell.  I have never known this much snow in England!


  1. Fantastic! I'm really jealous now.

  2. Can you tell from the pictures it is Bolton ;-)

  3. Wooo! At least I got out for a run in it but that looks way more fun.

  4. Oh I'm so jealous of you boarding and in England too!!!!! I'm banned from boarding this year due to injury, so got to switch back to skiing ... I'm sure that'll be fun too though :o)

  5. skiing is far superior to boarding ;)