Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Is the mojo back?

I've been in one of my not wanting to leave the house phases, its not been that much of a problem as Ali has been dragging me out to play and before that I had the cool bivvy trip to the peaks.  So today I needed to get back into it especially as I feel a little guilty I'm not out playing when kate would love to and can't.  A Horwich team mate said hi on his way past on a cross ride so I was feeling like I really should get out.  Running shoes on and I was off out.  Through Seven Acres and onto Leverhulme Park and back.  It was fantastic fun and the running went from firm snow - good surface to run on - to slush - rubbish and slippy - to deep powder - just so much fun!  I bumped into the horwich boys at Leverhulme - their brakes were not really working!  But they seemed to be having fun and it made me think I needed to ride again!

I got back slightly later than planned to messages from Ali wanting me to meet her at lunch for snowman making as she felt silly doing in on her own.  Since I am on go slow at the moment I was a little later than I meant to be and I soon had a grumpy Ali on my hands as the snow did not stick so no snowman!  Still she got to do a snow angel!

After she went back to work I ate my lunch and headed off to find the Middlebrook way.  After falling off in the snow a couple of times in a Cemetry I found the steps down.  These were interesting it was more like a slippy slide, I think I should have just sat down and slide down it!  The middlebrook way was lovely and rideable!

I came out in Horwich and debated riding back on the road but decided to head over to Rivi, climbed up near the School and then past the Lamas.

Up onto Georges Lane which involved a lot of pushing to get there.  Tried to decide if this was steep enough to board down?

Then onto Chorley Old Road which will be a dead trap in the morning as there will be a nice layer of ice on it!  Then onto the Bridleway down to Barrow Bridge.  It started fine, then I had to walk, then carry, then hold the bike above my head and wade through waist deep snow!!!!  At one point I was really guessing which direction to walk, I was glad it wasn't dark.  Rode the last section.  Well a couple of metres at a time before bailing into the snow!  Unfortunately by this point the camera batteries had died and I had forgotten new ones!

After Barrow Bridge it was carefully down the road to the ring road and then a scary ride home.  Some drivers seemed to think the conditions meant give me less room!

Great fun although very slow going I was out 3 hours and only covered just over 16 miles.  Hope this has brought the mojo back!


  1. glad you got out and enjoyed yourself. with this weather i think you've either got to have fun or get on turbo trainer. good choice :)

  2. I don't have a turbo trainer...can see the use of one if you actually want to train at the moment the roads are scary round here at the moment and off road is crazy! Don't fancy a turbo though, tried one once ended up freewheeling!

  3. Thats it.. Sod the cold this weekend i'm off to buy a new hat then i'm out riding.

    (My BIG ride this weekend is still cancelled)

  4. The ride sounded excellent :)

  5. So Simon when are we riding - or pushing given the conditions!

  6. Just given in and ordered a turbo....will update you on how boring it is when I get it set up.

  7. I suspect sales of turbos are up at the moment! Enjoy not getting anywhere!

  8. Ha, I must stop whinging about a bit of frost in London!