Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A new toy, leaving the house, 2010 targets

The other evening I was setting Ali's spreadsheets up for 2010 and asking if she had mileage targets and it got my thinking about mine. Well Ali asked is more accurate. I have been pretty useless since just before Christmas and not really getting any exercise done - in fact without Ali dragging me boarding it would have been about two hours over the last couple of weeks! At first I couldn't even imagine riding and running but realised I had to sort myself out so two targets were set. First cycling at 8400 miles, I don't want to up in much from last year (8000) as I know that I might find myself mile chasing and just dragging the road bike out lots!  In fact I was almost tempted to set a lower target as I wasn't working at the start of last year. But this target is 700 a month and hopefully I will keep riding lots for work as well. Running was the next one, last year I managed about 170 miles and my target was 300.  Something more realistic was needed but still a challenge as last year I had a few months with no running. So I have settled on 180 miles!  Up to this point in the year I am on target with running and nearly 300 miles behind with the cycling!

Well after two days of nothing and not getting out of the house, no that's not true I dragged myself to the supermarket on monday I knew I had to get myself out today. Since I had a Doctors appointment at 4pm I knew that I couldn't spend the whole day thinking about getting out and not doing. At first I thought about going for a ride or a run but I knew it wouldn't happen so I arranged to pick the new bike up from work. This was ordered a while before Christmas and I wasn't expecting it till today but it had arrived last week. Although I was in work on friday I had cycled there so getting a bike back was't an option. I can tell I haven't been right as I wasn't there first thing on monday morning and although I planned to go yesterday it hadn't happened.  So today I got dressed, put the tyres I wanted on the bike, some lights, bike shoes, reflective bits for the seat stays and some oatie cakes to keep me going were thrown in a bag and I was on my way.  I ran into Bolton got the train to Manchester and then ran to work. I don't know how people do Mountain Marathons running with a full rucksac is hard work.

The bike is lovely, reflective bits on and tyres changed - the ones on it look deadly in this weather!  Some chatting and I was off home, dropped into Cooksons to give them my spare Singletrack magazine and they were dead. In the door and it was a quick shower and change. Had a quick look at the Garmin and noticed I had done the journey at 15.2 mph - fast for me especially in the snow that was coming down. Gear felt fine so probably won't change it, had thought I would need to. But stayed seated for most of the climbing. Think fridays after a week of commuting will be hard though. Before you ask I rode it singlespeed, I need to practise fixed riding first I am too scared to try it on busy roads out of Manchester yet!

Then it was off to see Dr T, I had said I would go back after Christmas. Ali came this time, although she was late leaving work so I had to leave without her and she rushed in still in bike kit. Outcome was what I expected and I have to cope with that. But things are looking up again!

Now I need a plan for tomorrow any suggestions?


  1. Turn the wheel around and make it fixed!

    What tyres have you fitted?

  2. I'm such a wimp I'm too scared to on my own - who will pick up the pieces? Not helped by the boys at work saying I would be mad to ride fixed!

    Conti 4 seasons, they off ruby she now needs new tyres on her!

  3. "dropped into Cooksons to give them my spare Singletrack magazine and they were dead"

    are you sure? How did they die?

  4. Ok so I meant they had had no customers all day and seemed oddly glad to see me even though I hardly spend money there due to having none!

  5. more and better pictures of new bike please

  6. Yes Kate I will try I do realise they are rubbish pics!

  7. Better pics of the bike please.

    What gear are you running 42/16?
    Is that the track sprocket I sent?

  8. Yes Redbike standard gearing it came with.

    Not got the sprocket you sent, no post yet.

    Pics of the bike will come,once we do more than ride home from Manchester in the snain - which was not picture friendly!

  9. Good targets, good luck for the year ahead.

    I don't think your a wimp, just sensible. I haven't taken a bike out at all since the 1st so you are a lot braver than me!

  10. Sadly Julbags I am using it as an excuse, I should still leave the house. But on bike two days in a row now.