Sunday, 17 January 2010

Riding fixed on the road

Ali was insistent that she wanted to come with me on my first fixed ride so today I was dragged out of the house. First the wheel was flipped round, then on bike. Hmmm try again. Round the back streets near me, cornering slower than I ever have before. Then over to tesco where food and wine were purchased for later and cakes to fuel us on the ride home.

The ride home I was a little braver downhill, not braking before the road even went downhill and at one point felt like my legs were spinning like a fool.

I never forgot to pedal and I am still worried what will happen when I do.


  1. You are braver than me.... I can't imagine ever riding a "fixie". I just know though, that you will soon get used to it and wonder why you were ever nervous about it.

    Congrats on doing the first ride on it, things will get easier from now on! :-)Looks like it was a nice day to get out and ride too. ;-)

  2. You will probably forget to pedal when you're forced to brake hard. For example when a car pulls out on you. It's force of habbit to stop pedalling as you brake.

    Potholes always seem to get me. I always try and stop pedalling as the bike bounces through them.

    Keep the gearing low then you don't need to brake as much going downhill. I know this doesn't make sense. But high gears make the bike harder to control so you'll be on the brakes more even though your pedalling slower.

    Have fun.

    btw. Does this mean I can call you Sister Sprocket now?

  3. Potholes and sudden braking are what I am scared of! Gearing feels fine at the moment!

    I have to admit I didn't even notice it was a nice day #blush#

  4. My problem is once i'm spinning at 80+ rpm I struggle to get my bum off the saddle. So I end up bouncing through pot-holes seated. I've fitted big 28/32mm tyres which have really helped a lot with comfort; but ideally I need to learn how to stand up.

    I'm having the same trouble on the MTB (which is now also fixed wheel). I need to learn how to stand up and get my weight back while going downhill.

  5. Tried fixed on my front street when I got my pompino and still haven't done a proper ride 15months later. Might be tempted to ride fixed on chilled out normal rides but not commuting.

  6. I am thinking about commuting fixed donk! I'm sure a sociable fixed ride can be organised when you are free sometime!

  7. so you can laugh at me when I forget to pedal? Think it might be a bit late, would have been better to go fixed while the bike was still new and unknown to me, I'm used to how the bike handles and responds now and I think it'd be even harder going fixed now. Hmmm...

  8. It's ok donk when you forget to pedal you get a gentle reminder! Saddle up bum ;-)

    Redbikes I think you are crazy fixed off-road????

  9. Its only fire-roads. Nothing technical!

    I've got to spend some money (which I don't have) on proper 29er tyres instead of CX tyres and sorting out the wheels and a rear brake before taking it off-road properly.