Thursday, 8 October 2009

Too scared to ride down the steps

Today I was working in Walkden, I had to remind myself to leave as it is so close I end up leaving way too late! Sun was a little low in the sky on the way there so I took it easy, if I was struggling to see I probably was invisible to car drivers! The first school was fab, there was a lad there with a trike! Meant a kid who couldn't normally join in the bikeability was able to!

Onto the next school via a bit of off-road, this involved some steps to get down onto it, I had a look but decided the mud, wood and corner was not going to happen on road tyres!

Another great school where teachers even brought bikes in so those who didn't own one could have a go.

Back home with some more off-roading and a stop and the supermarket before dragging everything back up the hill.

Less than 20miles today but all in the sun.


  1. sounds like your week is going well :)

  2. Sounds ace. I haven't forgotten the numerous times i've been laughed at because i've got off and pushed down steps while you've ridden.