Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Running before Breakfast

I don't function in the morning till I eat so getting up at 6:30am to go running might seem a little crazy. Well that is what I did and 5k later I was home. The run wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty but it was fun being out nice and early. Now time for a shower (breakfast was eaten as soon as I got in!) and onto the bike to get to work!


  1. I got up at 6 this morning to ride into work. I was really pleased with myself, then I read this!

    Not only did you go out running you're now riding to work!!

  2. Suspect you must be riding further to work than me if you have to get up that early. I didn't even do 10miles there today.

  3. Jane runs first thing doesn't she, does she find it harder than later in the day or is that just me? Hoping it has a stronger training effect! Legs are sore today!

  4. It does feel harder, I think it's because it is a long time since you last ate. My times are certainly slightly slower in the morning. I can't do more than about 5 miles before breakfast, I think I just run out of energy then.

    I find it easier to fit in a run in the morning, as I have less time to think up excuses for not going for a run!

  5. I'm up to three, five seems a long way!

    I started as I kept coming home and not going out, this way I am running!