Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ali, bikes, beer, food

So since I had a PJ day yesterday it meant ali's wheel wasn't ready for mountain biking so the question was what to do? So we headed out on errands, first to Cooksons to drop her wheel off. Then it was onto the trafford centre to pick up something for ali's sister. Then we had some debate about if going to my work to pick up some mud guards was too far or to go home, since we were both hungry we decided to head into Manchester and grab a bite to eat at Taurus before maybe getting the train home.

The route I had plotted took us along a road shared with tram lines, after I had taken us into a morrisons carpark by mistake, I was soon back out but Ali rode round for a while! The tram tracks went from being parallel to the road to crossing the road so we took a nice wide arc to hit them as close to 90 degrees as possible. The nice truck driver behind gave us loads of room. The next set of lights another two cyclists caught us up as we were sat at red, setting of again, nice big arc for me to cross another set of tramlines. Ali though was cut up and forced nearly into the tracks by one of the cyclists! To rub it in more at the next lights he started to tell her how he had come off on them and ended up in hospital! At this point being less than impressed she decided we were to drop them. He headed off first sprinting hard, Ali went past him as if he was standing, I though had to work harder but did leave him miles behind trying to keep ali in sight!

Onto Taurus for fab food and a couple of drinks.

Then it was off to work, I only got Ali to turn down one dead end when I went straight on! Followed by back into town for more beer and pizza!

After that I agreed with Ali that the train home was the way to travel! Especially when I tried to order San Marino beer (instead of San Miguel).


  1. Now that looks like cracking food!
    Dunno if you check your hotmail account, nightride tonight.

  2. Pics really made me hungry and it is just 11 o'clock.

  3. I think you should have been a food writer and food photographer!