Sunday, 11 October 2009

The end of a busy week

So today was the last day of the week and the 6th day of work. This was a big week for me and it was going to be interesting how I would cope. Well today went well and I have enjoyed the week so yay!

Today I was leading sky rides, so I headed off early to pre-ride the route I was the main leader for. I got to the start of the first ride a little too early and then the rain started. There were only three riders, with the rain I wasn't suprised. A nice ride and it showed me once again how important these rides are!

Afternoon came and the weather improved, a good turn out and some fun laps of heaton park.

Then home with 35miles completed on the cross bike.

Now onto next week, I have a night ride planned to make sure it isn't all road riding!


  1. Night riding! Where and when, if I can I might tag along if that's OK?

  2. glad it's all working out :)

  3. You've been increadably busy for weeks. I'm glad you're enjoying it!