Friday, 9 October 2009

Night riding with cows and cookies!

I was meant to night ride last night with Ali, only we decided arguing was a more productive use of our time. So we decided to go out tonight. I got home and got everything ready, packed a bag for ali and waited. She was a little late back after having to carry my post home, I hadn't realised how big it was, she had bits strapped all over her bag! We got going at 6pm and needed lights for the road! Soon we were off road and watching it getting darker and darker with more and more lights coming on in Bolton-town. Up to the top of winter hill and we were in the clouds. At the top it was time for the cookies I had bought specially yesterday before adding an extra layer and heading down the hill. Here we came across a load of young bulls, no idea what they were doing there but they didn't look like moving, I think our lights were attracting them! But none of them were looking too angry as we went past slowly. After that it was home along the road and now its time for takeaway!

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  1. I've lost my hat somewhere on the way up there. If you see it can you pick it up!