Saturday, 10 October 2009

Cyclocross racing is fun!

After a week of commuting and with working on sunday I had planned to have the day off the bike on saturday. After a great night ride last night and a sucessful shopping trip for boxes to store ali's bike clothes this morning I started to think about going to Clayton Vale for the cross race there. I looked at how far it was and Ali pointed out it was a bit late and I should probably drive, I didn't fancy driving and so I asked her to come. Then I decided to do some cleaning, fortunately Ali stopped me and said we had to leave or I would have missed the start. We got there half an hour before the start, just enough time to preride the course and get to the start when everyone was lined up, oops!

I started right at the back and just headed off, soon I was seeing gaps and heading into them but once we hit the singletrack it was slow progress for a while. The lap was longer than last year which meant we were spread out pretty quickly! For the first couple of laps I was in a battle for 2nd position with Eleanor from Weaver Valley CC, I knew one mistake and she would be past as I could hear her behind me all the time! The second time on the steps I got a small gap and started to pull away slightly. Slowly I picked off the odd place and it wasn't long before the leaders flew past me! I thought then I would probably be lapped once more and I was right they came past me just before my last lap. By this time I was clearly in 2nd with a big gap to first and enough to third.
It was fun and even though I could have pushed harder I was getting there. Wondering if its time to do some training to teach myself to go faster! I could have continued riding at the end!
A quick look at my stats from this race last year and my average speed has improved, 11.4mph compared to 10.7mph. Although riding a cross bike as oppose to a mountain bike might have something to do with that!
Ali's pics are now here


  1. Hey that's great. I'd much rather have been racing there today that being stuck in work!

  2. Well done! Was really nice to see you at the end - I didn't realise that you were pushing for first prize! Do you know where the results are posted?
    I didn't enjoy it much at the time but I've already started looking for other races I could do - will try it on narrower tyres next time and who knows, maybe one day a proper bike! One hour of such hard effort must be fantastic training for the long climbs of summer sportives :-)
    See you soon
    Karen x

  3. Glad you finally enjoyed a race. It's a shame Ali couldn't make the velodrome today.

  4. Yes I am sure that much pain must help. It is so different to what I am good at, I need the race to be another couple of hours!

    Next sunday there is on at Boggart Hole Clough which isn't too far from where we were yesterday. I'm working in the morning and trying to work out if I can get there!

    One thing to watch is that was dry when it gets muddy it is impossible, well for me the runners have a field day!

  5. Congrats trio! you're getting way too good at this cycling lark!!

    Pity we've not been able to get out for a ride together since January too.

    I'm hoping to ride over to Boggy to watch the racing there next week. Should be a good run out for me.

  6. Photos are up on my Flickr page now:

  7. I'll see what the results say but I was near the back of the field, have a long way to go to be fast enough for cross. Still hoping it will help me in the long run, maybe even done some training!

    Probably won't be at Boggart Hole Clough as working the sunday morning so think it won't be possible to get there as I have no car!

  8. Trying to book a ride with Trio is impossible. I've given up!

    Trio: There might be the chance of a lift next Sun. I've got to work out what i'm doing.

  9. Problem is I am working so have no idea what time I finish. Not too bothered as my legs won't want to after 12 days solid!

  10. you are a cycling machine!