Friday, 9 October 2009

Cold today

Headed out this morning and decided not to be so lazy and try a bit harder on the way in. I'm slow on the road compared to most but I can try and be a little less slow! So when after passing a guy he passed me back I worked a bit harder to get in front, stayed there till he jumped on the pavement and through some lights. Onto where I was working and it seemed to get colder, I had all my clothes on. Great session though. Then it was round manchester to Blackley for another cold session. Way home and time to try. Well more not daydreaming and not really working. Made good time, was passed near home by a guy on a langster, no idea what he said to me as he went past but I kept up with him till we went seperate ways at Crompton way.

Great day and I averaged 14.5mph - uber fast for me! Shows I am lazy though as I wasn't out of breath doing that, although could feel the legs more than usual!


  1. I find it really difficult to make myself ride fast on the road. I just listen to music and daydream :)

  2. Glad I'm not the only one, everyone else seems so fast on the road!

  3. 15mph without trying is taking the micheal!