Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Three pairs of shoes to get dry...

Day two of my first week of full time work since I was ill and I woke up in the dark to it raining. I am sure it was light yesterday at 7am!!! Some lights were added to ruby and I headed off to Salford in Waterproof shorts and my invisible night vision jacket. Once there I changed into full waterproofs and dry shoes and socks. The children at the school were brilliant they all had waterproof jackets and were happy to stay out in the rain!

Afternoon and it was more of the same, only a little less rain and midges - I thought they were gone for the year.

Then it was home and time to go running. I had decided on a slow 20minutes today and to get off road round the golf course. It wasn't long before it was raining again. I took it easy, my heart rate was nice and low and did 2.3 miles - it was over 20minutes but it was slow! The last bit was more trying to stay stood up than running as I slipped up and over cobbles.

Now time to try and dry three pairs of shoes ready for tomorrow!


  1. Glad to see you're taking it easy in your first full week then (and you were going to do D2D)!

  2. full time work=more money=more shoes ;)

  3. I have piles of wet shoes and clothes I have no idea what to do with too. My lights have also died after one horrendously wet night ride.

  4. It's not very environmentally friendly, but disposible nappies, turned inside out and stuffed in your shoes dries them extremely quickly (the crystals in the nappy draws the moisture out of the shoe)

    They can be used several times before chucking away (or throwing on a fire if you want to save the landfills)

  5. All dry now, newspaper is great!!

    Not sure I want to buy nappies just for that rooleymoor!