Friday, 23 October 2009

Grumpy - Ride - Relax

Too boggy to ride

The ride meeting point was Belmont 5:30pm. 5:25 after loads of false starts and shouting at Ali on the phone for no good reason I got in the car. Got there parked up and Jumbly suggested heading to Tockholes, once there I realised that since it was dark the only option was the one set of trails I knew, so up onto Great Hill it was. Off via the track towards winter hill, over the flagstones then pushing through the bog, even some carrying. Yes a simple night ride became a bit of an adventure. Not a soul was out there and after moaning all the way round and loving only sharing Great Hill with some sheep and Jumbly I felt loads better.

Friday nights are made for night riding!


  1. See, I'm obviously a wuss as I wouldn't bother taking a bike over there!

  2. It was worth it for the fact we had the hill to ourselves and its not technical! It is nice to push bikes sometimes as means I can talk more!

  3. It was such a fun night, just what was needed. Looking forward to doing it again.