Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New meal wednesday

Ali really likes cooking but we tend to get in the habit of the same food over and over again so a couple of things have been put in place to change that. First was a menu planner so we can see what we have been eating. The next is new meal wednesday. The idea is we will eat something new and actually spend the evening together.

Tonights plan was Korean Beef Kebabs and Wild Asian rice.

I picked up the list of stuff I had been given on my way home, took me a while to find spring onions - I was looking with the onions - and sesame seeds defeated me and I came home with mixed seeds and Ali then sorted them, rather her than me!

She started out and realised that the meat and veg had to marinate for between an hour and two, so everything was got ready and left. Then it was time to cook, kebabs made, no mushrooms for me, rice on and oranges chopped. Soon it was time to eat.
It was really nice, I wasn't sure about the oranges in the rice, but liked the lime flavour of the food. I had bought wine to go with it, but next time I think Corona!
Only thing is now we have at least as much left, guess it'll be on the menu in the next two days again.
All in all new meal wednesday was a success!


  1. That's a genius idea, consider it stolen!

    Mrs Fat Lad also concurs :)

  2. mmmmm i love food and i love the meal weds idea!
    it's too easy to get into a trap of only eating 10 dishes or so over & over. doesn't matter that they are healthy it's teh exciting idea of new things and time together that i aspire too. nice one amy & ali, you girls rule.

  3. new meal wednesday sounds like a great idea-but it doesn't mean different toppings on pizza ;)

  4. I have a menu plan, have done for years and it really helps, homemade pizza for us tonight. A plan also minimises supermarket time which is also important!

    Sesame seeds are often in the baking section for some reason (or at least they are in my local Sainsburys).

  5. Not sure if I looked there, but next time I will try the baking section!

    This week I have been shopping everyday! But it is popping in on my way past and getting the few bits we need, much better than a big shop! I always shop on my bike and avoid weekends! I find it is the carparks that annoy me most!

    Kate - Ali is cooking and randomly chosing things out of books, pizza is not even an option :-(