Friday, 19 February 2010

A Winter Wonderland

Today I was working and the venue had been changed to Rivington, for me this is perfect I have a lovely commute and I know the trails so well.  I got up this morning just as Ali was going to bed, maybe she has got herself onto vancouver time? She had kindly got my bike up and done some of the fiddly cleaning that I never get round to so he looked pleased with himself. I set off and noticed that the roads were icy, I was glad to get off-road but now I had snow. Wasn't sure we would be doing much riding with the kids today. Changed my route to take in the descent we had used last week. Not a chance there was lots of ice on it!

At lower barn I met the others and it turned out that we had a small group in the morning. When they turned up I knew I had met my match, one of the lads didn't stop talking! We headed off up to the Pike, having a snowball fight at Pigeon Tower on the way. A great achievement on the climbing front with all the snow.

Lunch at lower barn and we found out the afternoon group wouldn't be coming. So all that was left was for me to ride home. My legs were stuggling by now, I need to get some hill fitness back into them. The snow had melted on parts now and the roads were thankfully ice-free.

A lovely sunny day on the hills and hard to remember at times that I was working!


  1. a good day at the office :)

  2. Why am I always at work when it is so nice up there?