Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Resuming Running

Some of you may have noticed I didn't run last week, which means my run every week hasn't happened. I had lots of excuses last week, a slight cold being the main one I used, but nothing that really should have stopped me. Still no point giving up after one bad week - if that was the case I would have given up on the year in the first week of January. So last night I went running in the snow. It was dark so it was pavement pounding. 25minutes and nearly 3 miles covered. By the time I got home any snow that had stuck was melting but it had made me smile when I was out.


  1. You fell off the horse and got back on....that shows mental toughness......I hope you have your goal of running every week written down somewhere where you can read it and just head out the door....It is not about intensity it is about mental toughness and effort!

  2. you're totally right about not giving up! keep it up :)

  3. Sorry I haven't been around Blogger for a few :)

    I wouldn't let a minor setback like 1 missed run bring you down,just get back at it :-D

    I still haven't even had a ride this year (argh!) myself...was hoping to have had one this week,but alas it wasn't meant to be...I've torn that same muscle loose in my back again (except this time was from moving furniture,not from crashing while riding,LOL!).

    Anyways,I'm happy to see y'alls doing well and haviing a grand ole time :)


  4. I haven't managed a run in ages. I've just been too tired with commuting.
    I keep meaning to get back out running but the cold weather is putting me off.

  5. Well done getting out again, it's so much harder picking it back up once you've missed a session.

  6. Thanks everyone. I am determined to run all year, but its sometimes hard when I ride most days. So remind me to get out if I haven't!