Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sprinting to Warrington

So yesterday I had a busy day. It started with a nice 7mile commute in the morning. Unfortunately it was raining and I forgot to start my Garmin till halfway there. The morning school was lovely and we managed to get the kids out for a while, had to bring them in eventually as they were getting very cold though.

Then the excitment started I had to get from here over to Warrington in my lunch break. I was suprised when I plotted the route that it was only 11miles but my long transfers have always been in company leading to me worrying about it less. I set off into the rain and a headwind. Tried riding on the drops but couldn't reach the brakes which just scared me! Felt like I was making good time but no looking at the time and stressing myself out! Arrived and I was there 15minutes earlier than our official arrival time. Had managed an average of 14mph - very fast for me!

Next it was time for the second sprint of the day, Warrington to the Doctors in Bolton. This time it was 17miles and there was one nice climb. It was going well till Leigh then I had to start climbing. At this point I remembered I was going to bring gears as I was expecting tired legs and a climb. No choice now I had to keep pushing. Got to Doctors at 5pm for a 5:15pm appointment so good timing. He was only running 45minutes late so it was a good job I had remembered a magazine. I was his last appointment of the day and we had a nice chat about 24hour racing. He keen for me to do it, has some idea that I am superfit! He also has a good idea why I'm not sleeping so hopefully something is going to happen there.

Next week I may look at a longer route home as it is time to start getting some longer rides if I am going to do this little race!


  1. Blimey - I've still only done 2 rides so far this year! Hopefully tomorrow's CycleChat Cragg Vale ride will make that 3 if it doesn't get snowed off again. Will you be joining us?

    About your small hands and operating the brakes from the drops... I seem to recall that you have Shimano on your bike, in which case some Specialized lever shims might be just what you need. They have been discontinued but JEJames have a small number left in stock so click that link to enquire ASAP!

  2. Thanks Colin, they are the brakes on my langster so I am not sure if the Shimano shims will fit, they are not shimano levers!

    Not out tomorrow I'm afraid!

    Get yourself out on the bike, its so much fun!

  3. Its great to be able to incorporate cycling in your daily life. It makes it much easier to get your miles in if you can use it instead of a car.

    I get nervous reading your posts as your talk about all the places the Ironman goes through. I think the swim is in Leigh and it ends in Bolton. Gulp!!!

  4. 45 minutes late, that's impressive even for a GP!

    I'm certain I couldn't keep up with your cycling. That's obviously because of my bike, nothing whatsoever to do with my complete absence of fitness!

  5. @Simon My job encourages me to cycle places which is great for me! Not sure how I would cope without my fix of cycling in the day!

    You are right I am all over the course. Last year we went to watch the swim as it was at Rivington, I was working so missed the bike. But this year hope to watch the bike and run legs!

    @anickdale That is good for him! He likes to chat I think, well he always chats with me! He is too nice! He is working on it and getting better though.
    I am sure you could keep up with me, I'm not really fast I can just keep going for ever!

  6. i think you'll be really suited to 24hr racing.

    ...maybe don't cure the sleeplessness just yet ;)

  7. @Kate Just need to start getting longer rides in again!

    I need to sleep to reach the event well rested ;-)