Thursday, 25 February 2010

Muddy nights

Tonight I headed out on a nightride with Odile. She reminded me lots before we headed out that she hadn't been out on her bike before Christmas and I didn't wanted to slide around on ice. So I made a decision to head over to Jumbles. The steps at the golf course soon focused the mind and a slide in the mud reminded me that this was fun. From there it was over towards the Strawbury Duck, lots of lovely singletrack in the trees. I tried following a track I had done once, didn't get lost but didn't come out where I thought I would either. Still not too much of an extra climb and we were flying down the Witton's Weavers way and back to mine.

Home covered in mud with a huge grin, must spend more time on the mountain bike!


  1. nothing gives you a biggrin moment more than a dirty bike ride, and nothing is more satisfying than ensuring said bike is gleaming afterwards. Simple pleasures eh?

  2. maybe you have too many bikes ;)

  3. Kate I think you mean I don't have enough bikes!