Thursday, 11 February 2010

I needed reminding

Today I was working over at Rivington and after finding out I didn't have to be there till 12noon I had plans to run in the morning then head over. Well after a bad nights sleep and waking up with no motivation the run didn't happen. But I still had to ride over to Rivington so I set out at 11am. Up onto Winter Hill, the sun was out and I remembered how much I enjoyed this. My poor mountain bikes have been feeling neglected this year. Riding through the trees on the way to lower barn everything felt right.

Then it was a few hours of skills and a ride. The group were great, no moaning on the climbs and we made it all the way to the Pike. I was in charge of the route down, since I know the area so well. Some good descending from the group meant I could set a good pace!

Time to head home and I was tired and climbing up to Georges Lane was slow. But once there I made the decision to head on up to the top of Winter Hill.

The sun was beginning to set and for the first time in years I wished I had a proper camera with me. Still my phone almost captured it.

Off down the Belmont Descent, wow this is fun, oh my legs hurt I want to sit down. I no longer have the strenght for 5minute descents. I was glad to get to the road and spin home.

It's been a poor start to the year mountain bike wise. Must make more of an effort as it is fun!


  1. Must have been ace out there today :)

  2. sometimes all you need is a little sun and the hill to yourself :)

  3. i love winter sun...with its long shadows,glad you enjoyed yourself...

  4. Typical. That means it is sunny everywhere else apart from where I am. It's still snowing / sleeting here and it's pretty horrible.

    I'm missing the sun!