Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Photos in the Peaks

So yesterday I woke up to grey misty skies. Still a photoshoot had been planned so I headed off to the Peak District will Ali in tow hoping that the weather there would be nicer. It wasn't really although the odd time we could see the sun on hills in the distance. Amazingly I somehow managed to get everything packed and we were out the door at the planned time. Arriving at Hayfield to meet Rich, Jumbly and Kate at the planned time. Kate had turned up with her bivvy kit but none of the rest of us really fancied a night out on the moors. Rich loaded himself up with camera gear and we were off!

There is no easy way out of Hayfield so we started with a hard climb. My heart rate was soon through the roof, my lungs hurting and I was wondering why I had brought the singlespeed (oh yes he had been sulking due to lack of use!) Soon we hit the snowline, although now it was more like frozen slush. I tried to learn how to ride on it - uphill stay sat down, downhill scream as much as possible! But soon we were all pushing.

resting between reps
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First big photo session involved us climbing a hill, Rich set his flash and camera up, I set off. Nowhere near as high as the flash and I toppled over still clipped in, hmm. The others got further but none of us were making the flash, so he moved it lower down the climb. By this point determined Ali had come out to play and while the rest of us were happy to give the climb a miss she kept going, eventually making the top. A little tired after all the attempts though.

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Next major photo shoot inolved dead defying riding along an edge, although Ali asked me to stop, it was scaring her too much just watching me. So we moved on to clearing a huge gap, ok maybe not even 12inches at its widest but it looked huge and once over it there was a matter of a 50foot drop on the other side. Ali and Jumbly both decided not to ride it and instead catch me and Kate before we plummeted down. Think I prefered riding it!

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Then it was time for the all important cake! In the cafe a decision was made to get the train back to New Mills and ride back to Hayfield. Lots of relieved looking faces that we didn't have to climb back over the tops again.

Somehow we just got back before dark, changes of clothes, cups of tea and it was time to head home. A good days riding with some great people.

Thanks to Rich and Kate for the photos, I didn't bother bringing my camera as I knew they would take much better pictures!

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  1. great day out. my favourite part though has to be our wait for the train. hilarious revelations ;)