Tuesday, 9 February 2010

An afternoon of bikes and cake

Yesterday I headed into Manchester to meet Emma to go window shopping for bikes. She has decided to get a mountain bike. Seeing as she lives in the Peak District this is an excellent idea!

Originally Jumbly was going to join us but she wasn't feeling great. Turns out that was a good thing for me as once I got on the bike my legs started hurting so a shorter route there was no bad thing! I had thought they were fine from the 80mile trip to get cips yesterday. By the time I got to Manchester I had decided to get the train home!

Once I met Emma we headed to Harry Hall to try Spesh and Trek out - the spesh was too long. Then onto Evans where we tried a Kona and got excellent service. I know others have had issues but everytime I go there they are lovely!

After that it was time for cake and hot chocolate. Well it is an essential part of any bike shopping trip! before heading up to the station, which was packed. But the first bit of anxiety I had all day so pretty good going! I hadn't realised till this point what time it was as I was having so much fun!

At the station I had another odd bloke talking to me, something about how he wanted my bike. I moved!

Once home I was so tired I had a bowl of cereal and went to bed. Lovely day, will be repeated when Emma wants to test ride bikes!


  1. evans is notts is good for customer service, they're slightly less patronising than then other 2 lbs!