Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fixed to the seaside

So today the plan was to ride to the coast for fish&chips and ice-cream with Simon. I has plotted us a route that was a little further than his usual route but I promised it wasn't hilly so it would be fine. At 10am exactly I got to the Co-Op in Adlington (Jumbly will be impressed!) where Simon was riding up and down the road to ensure his bike worked! We set out and the weather seemed to be trying to impress us as the sun came out. The ride over was lovely and there was only one navigation error when I took us down the wrong road, but its good to practice U-turns! Although the one long downhill was terrifying, Simon shot off past me and I was completely out of control. My legs were trying to stop pedalling which made the bike feel odd, I had my brakes on and I was squealing! I have no idea how his legs spin so fast!

Once at Southport it was straight to the chippy, I was suprised to see so many people, guess I normally go during the week, although it has been a while! The sensible decision was made and we ate inside since it was cold. That meant a plate, knife and fork. Although we both forgot them and sat down first!
Eventually we had to drag ourselves back out into the cold. Two extra jackets on for me! Just as we had got all the bits back on the bikes and the lock off I noticed a man looking at the bikes. Well they were pretty! Then he came and stood between me and Simon before starting to talk to Simon. So not just me that odd people seem to flood to. After his life story we managed to escape after 10minutes. Simon blames me but it was definetly him the man was talking to and I barely said a word!

Back onto the Coast road and into the wind! It was nice to get off it in fact. Back the hills didn't seem too bad, although Simon on my shoulder on a downhill shouting spin caused my legs to blow up as I hit the uphill section, that is my excuse for how painfully slow I was getting up it!

Since Simon had said he was too cold for ice-cream at Southport I demanded a stop at freddies on the way back. Two lovely scoops, one of the valentines special and one of Chocolate Monster - well I had to! Before heading back to Adlington, here Simon tried to hug me as we rode along, he had some excuse about turning round to look at the car that was beeping at us.
All that was left was for me to drag myself home, it seemed very hilly and I didn't go over Chorley Old Road as Simon had suggested!

Fab day when can we do it again?


  1. sounds like a lovely date ;)

    i need to start planning some routes around food stops.

  2. Ace ride. I really need to work on my fitness though!

    Full of beer and food now, legs very tired.

  3. I see, so you can get to co-op on time for Simon, but not for me! Sounds like it was a fun day out, chips and ice creams always makes for good rides :0)

  4. You will have to join us next time Jumbly!

    Kate you mean you don't plan rides round food? What an odd idea, how do you plan them then?