Thursday, 4 February 2010

A long run

Since Jumbly was away on monday and I went cross riding instead of our usual fixie chicks ride we arranged to meet today. Since she is following a training plan for her marathon I suggested we could run, as long as it wasn't too long and wasn't too fast. She wanted a 90minute run which sounded fine. So I headed out on my bike, stopped off for a couple of errands and got there just after 10am. On the way there I got a new maximum speed on the fixed bike of 27mph, apparently a cadence of 137.7rpm!

After a bit of faffing we headed out with flipper for a nice muddy run, not too hilly which is good for me as I am rubbish both up and down. Jumbly set a nice pace, although I was glad I could hide from the wind behind her on the last bit.

Back to Jumblys and the wonderful Glyn went out and bought us sandwiches. Then a nice afternoon chatting before I rode home. That felt harder with tired legs from the running.

Lovely day, can I do it everyday?


  1. Thats about as quick as i've managed on the fixie too. After months of riding the thing anything much over 20mph still scares me. Now if I could just get rid of the traffic and the pot holes then maybe I would be prepared to go a little quicker. (Probably kidding myself. I still wouldn't go any quicker)

    90 mins is a short run! Oh lord I feel unfit now. I've had to give up running as my legs can't cope with running and commuting by bike. I'm too unfit.

  2. 137rpm????? i find 120 makes me feel like i'm falling to pieces! wow

  3. @red As the title says this was a long run!

    @Elizabeth I feel the same at 120rpm so how I managed this I have no idea! But hey its fun. Don't think they will go round any faster!