Tuesday, 2 February 2010


When the snow went it left huge holes all over the roads, they are everywhere. At first it was okay I was able to avoid them, even some little hops over them. But then I started riding fixed, what now? I am sure there are amazing riders out there who can bunnyhop fixed but I am only just coping with the keeping pedalling. The first one attacked me last wednesday on the way home from work, pinch flat on the rear. Since then I have been more aware of these monsters waiting for me. But today I was spinning downhill, my legs a blur and I see one waiting for me, a glance over my right shoulder and I see a truck. Decision time, pothole or the truck. I take the pothole, clunk! A couple of metres, dare I think it, a couple more, I think I got away with it, a couple more, oh the steering is gone the front tyre is flat. Wheel off new tube, CO2 back on my way to work, having to work hard now to limit the lateness.

So what do I do about these evil puncture fiends?


  1. It seems you just cycle too fast :-)

  2. First thing you do is report it to the council, then it'll get filled in (if they ever have enough time / money)

  3. Hehe. I'm glad someone else is having the same sort of trouble. I always panic, thinking i'm about to come off. I often try and stop pedalling aswell which doesn't really work.

    This is why i've fitted 32mm tyres to the fixie. Potholes wouldn't be so bad if I could stand up to go through them.

  4. NBT, I know about reporting them. Keep thinking on a day off I should take a camera and at least make a start on the worst ones, when I'm rushing to work there is no chance of even remembering excatly where they are! CTC have a web page to make it easy


    Red - I can stand up just about, which does help! I don't think I could fit 32mm tyres on my bike and certainly not now it has guards. Just keeping my tyre pressures up will help.

    Today I avoided all potholes as I was in primary the whole way to avoid the ice at the side of the roads!

  5. learning to bunny hop might be quicker than getting the council to fill the holes in

  6. The boys were trying yesterday when they were riding my bike round the shop, they think its possible but not last minute bunnyhops!

  7. I think you're very brave riding a fixie at all.
    Give it another week and potholes will no longer be a problem round here as they'll all have merged into one giant pothole engulfing the city!