Sunday, 14 February 2010

Just fitted a run in

I'd like to run at least once a week this year. It had got today and I hadn't ran this week. After a day spent on the sofa watching the winter olympics the thought of getting dressed and out in the cold was not attractive. But I knew I had to do it otherwise I would spend the next week beating myself up! So I headed out. Nothing worked, legs hurt, breathing seemed laboured, I was slow. But after 2.5 miles of plodding I was back and I have still ran every week this year!

I now have done more exercise in February than the whole of January. January really was a bit of a disaster!


  1. hey, I've started putting the boy on his bike for school and jogging behind him. Its just a short journey but he's his fathers son and it is making a difference. keep it up.

  2. well done on making the effort..
    i always feel great after going out after having to drag myself and so glad i went once home!

  3. and there's still loads of feb left. january's a rubbish month anyway ;)

    well done :)

  4. is great to stick to your goals.