Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Transwales - Day 3

When I got up this morning I felt tired! We were told at briefing that there would be an option of a shortcut from the 2nd water stop of heading back to the camp 6km on road or the original route of 15km which apparently was very hilly and technical. If you took the shortcut they gave you a penalty of 2minutes (equivalent to being 2 hours late). I somehow managed to start right at the front of the pack and it was exciting riding the first 17km along the road to the first water stop in a big pack. The water station seemed to come very early - probably less than an hour into the event. On the first off-road climb I met Fay who was riding as a mixed team, but her teammate had to drop out that day due to mechanical problems. We had a great day, both chatting as much as each other. The riding was fantastic up on the moors and for once we could see the views. There was a river crossing where two lads had to help us across, I was a little stranded in the middle holding my bike! We got to the second water stop with loads of time and so headed off on the longer option, it turned out to be more a boggy walk than anything technical.

75km Average Speed 13.1km/h

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