Sunday, 31 August 2008

August Mileage

This month has been my highest mileage month so far, helped by lots of miles over transwales.

Running Omiles (really should try and start running again)
Road Cycling 381 miles 48%
Off-road cycling 416 miles 52% (53.7 miles singlespeed)
Total Cycling 797 miles

Looking at the year so far I have spent 44% of my time cycling off-road, 42% cycling on-road and 14% running.
The aim for this year was to cycle 6000miles this year, I am getting close to that target with 4 months to go I shouldn't have a problem reaching it.

Now plans for this month. Well I've agreed to step into a female pair for Dusk till Dawn after a friend of a friend pulled out. This should be good for my singletrack riding. Other than that I'm not sure of my plans. I'm thinking I might try the Whyte Enduro race at Penmachno but I need to check how that fits in with non biking plans. The other main thing is to get my winter roadie up and running, the weather is a little nasty for poor ruby.


  1. That's pretty impressive (quick calculation 797 MI = 1283 km) for one month. Especially the off-road percentage. Bugger the running - unless you are training for a Triathlon but than you would have to swim as well. :-)

    Good luck with your Dusk to Dawn.

  2. It was helped by the 500km off-road that transwales involved! This month won't be anywhere near as impressive as I'm taking it easy.

    I keep meaning to run once a month, it'll help me at muddy races when I end up pushing, something to work on I think.