Monday, 11 August 2008

Getting going in the morning

The one thing I don't seem to be good at is heading out in the morning, it seems to take me ages to drag myself out. Well since this is one thing I have no choice with at transwales I aimed to leave at about the same time as Ali. I managed this so it meant I had three hours to play with. I had taken the road bike as riding off road can be harder on the body and I want to be fresh for transwales. At first it felt hard, a combination of it being 8:30am, not having been on a bike for three days, a nice wind and heading uphill to start. Soon I started to feel fine and decided I wanted to average 13.5mph on the loop. Heading round Rivi I saw matt twice obviously while I was on the road he was linking together some off-road sections. After that I headed to tockholes, the head wind made the Belmont road hard, across Darwen, up Pickup bank for the hard climb and then home.

39.61miles @ 14.2mph
1127m climbed
Average HR 149bpm

I was trying to stay below 170bpm so I wasn't going into my anaerobic zone and managed for most of the ride - it can be hard round here due to the hills!

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