Sunday, 24 August 2008

Back and tired!

We got back late last night, after an epic week with lots of great riding and lots of rain. I finished 3rd overall. More to come when I have sorted my wet soggy kit out.


  1. Hi congratulations on your third place thats excellent, could not really string sentences together last night as I was so ill, I noticed your blog address on the results page. It was good to meet you bith on the event, if you and ali ever want a guided tour of thetford forest single track let me know :)

  2. Hey Dave if you leave a comment with your email address I won't publish it and can work out thetford sometime. I'll definetly be up for a ride next time we're in Cambrisdge - do you think I could sneak my road and mountain bike down?

    Not sure many people were feeling great at the end, I was glad to get home to a real bed and hot water!