Thursday, 7 August 2008

Getting lucky with the weather!

Wow having got home about an hour ago, I can't believe how much it must have been raining here. Riding back from Jumbly's the roads were so wet and there were big lakes in the middle of them with rivers running down any hills into them! Whereas today we haven't seen any rain and its been short sleeves weather all day!

Anyway back to the riding! Today I met Anna at the Velodrome and we went to Bicycle Doctor to meet Jumbly, who was having new gear levers put on her cross bike. Jumbly had brought cake for us to eat while we waited so it was quite pleasant to eat cake and look at bikes. After that we headed off to Dunham Massey, Anna took us a slightly different way but soon it was time for more cake - only after my giant sandwich I was too full!!!! Then Jumbly had to put some air in her bike tyres, I did suggest that the bike might be a little small for her ;)

After that we split with me and Jumbly heading off via the Warburton Bridge, I just wanted to see a bridge that had a 12p toll on it and Anna back towards Manchester.

On the way back we went past a Heniz factory, I loved how all the signs were this shape, in fact it was these that made me ask Jumbly if it was a Heniz factory. Not sure what they make there though!

I dropped Jumbly off at home and headed home via Rivington and Belmont where there were rivers running down the road. Shows how different the weather can be only a few miles apart!

Geeky Stats:

75.89miles @ 13.6mph
Av HR 120bpm
1253m climbed


  1. I bucking the trend and going with the smallest wheels possible, thats my new 8er, you wait it'll catch on.

    Top ride as always. Ocured to me after we got back we could've missed out some of the busier bits of Wigan and gone via Orrell/Up Holland/Roby Mill/Standish. Might have been a tad longer and definitely more climbing but nicer, smaller roads. One to consider next time.

  2. Yes but it might have made it a little too long for you if you had rode to Bicycle Doctor!

  3. Hmm possibly, might have managed my first 100 miler that way, so maybe not next time, but time after!?

  4. I can easily plan a nice 100miler that goes out Waddinton way if you fancy riding 100miles.

  5. OK, I need an 80 miler first then the 100.