Sunday, 31 August 2008

Salford Nocture

Last night I headed to the Salford Nocture with Jumbly and Ali. We rode in and enjoyed playing with the cars, reminds me how lucky I am with my normal rides. Once there we enjoyed all the racing, special mention to Rich from Bicycle Doctor who came 2nd in the folding bike race. While we were watching the support race we managed to grab a picture with Craig MacLean. During the evening Ali and I had a go at the Rollaplaza, she beat me with a time of 24.6seconds to my 26seconds. Turns out she was the fastest female time of the night. The promise of Chris Hoy giving the prizes excited her but she was disappointed when he wasn't there.
All that was left was the ride home, much quiter roads but some pubs to get past. My bag had broke during the night so I did the usual trick of how much can you fit in back pockets!

47.8miles @ 14.3mph 139bpm


  1. A pic of Ali M aka champion of the rollapaluza here

  2. I wish, no that belongs to Craig MacLean.