Wednesday, 13 August 2008

4 days to go

I've started getting worried now, trying to get all the camp stuff ready now so that I'm not too stressed on friday. Haven't done much riding this week, off out on the road tomorrow and that'll be it! Will be picking my bike up on friday from Cooksons and then I should be ready. I'm sure I'll forget at least one thing that on saturday morning I'll be panicking like anything but hopefully it will be fun (?)

There should be daily updates from the orgainsers on the event website
Alternatively you can check the reports on, and on

So no excuse for not keeping an eye on how I'm doing!


  1. Just had a look at the mtb website. Pleased to see that they are handing out a reusable spork and mug to every cyclist to reduce the amount of waste produced by the event - great idea!