Monday, 4 August 2008

Riding with fit, fast friends

Today I met up with Ali, Ros and Gavin at Rivington for an easy ride. I decided to bring the rig, one easy to find out how well my legs had recovered was to ride singlespeed. By the time I was over there I could tell they were fine and my back seemed fine to, I had been in two minds about wearing a camelbak but decided that I needed the liquid as it was so hot. After some getting bikes ready and chatting we headed up the AICR, up to the top of the Pike. It was a perfect evening with views all the way to the peak and the sea. We dropped down off the back of the Pike and then continued round Georges lane before heading up two lads to the mast at the top of winter hill. I realised at this point bringing Ali riding with two of our fastest and fittest friends was not going to convince her that she is actually quite fit and fast on a bike and that not everyone doesn't get tired on 18mile night rides (basically she needs to ride with someone that's not me!)
It was the first time down the Belmont descent since she went over the handlebars and broke her helmet so I made sure I stayed just in front of her to give her a bit of confidence. Her legs were very sore by the bottom but she was smiling!

Then it was back up the cheeky path, along Belmont Old road and down the ICR - Gavin ended up on the chicken run by accident, well that's what he says anyway ;)

Back to the car and I rode home since one of the bars for the car wasn't attached quite as it should be.

It was the perfect evening to be out and we saw a lot of riders, dog walkers and runners. I'm feeling more confident with going out riding on my singlespeed with geared riders now. Ros used to seem so fast to me and I can now keep her in sight (well uphill anyway, she is super fast downhill).

Geeky Stats:
30.16miles @ 8.1mph
1347m climbed
Av HR 138bpm

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  1. 100miles+ on sunday then singlespeeding on monday, u must have thighs of steel.