Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Riding with Jumbly and....just Jumbly

Today I was meeting Debz off shecycles for a ride round rivi, she had said she was thinking about going to buckstones, which is out Oldham way and very downhill and freeride orientated. Now as I'm sure it'll come as no surprise this doesn't interest me but as she is local to me I offered to show her some of the harder downhills at Rivi. She just has a new bike and has only been riding about a year I think so I thought it'd give her a chance to see what some harder downhills that Llangdela, where she normally rides. We decided to meet at 10:30am and Jumbly was looking forward to getting out on her mountain bike after a month off it - I think I'd be in withdrawal!!! Anyway I set off just before 9am thinking I was running late - for some reason I had 10am in my head. Realising that I had time I did an extra technical climb and rolled down to the lower barn just before 10:30am where Jumbly was waiting. On the way over a saw matt, I knew it was him as we were on a nice flat bit and he was sprinting stood up on his poor bike. We put a bit more air in her forks and then rolled down via lower barn, looking in all the cars to see if there was a girl with a bike. No sign so at quarter to I text her, received a text back, at Manchester Airport. Okay I thought, text again to see if she was joining us, got a text saying see what time she gets home. I've still not heard anything!

Anyway back to the riding, me and Jumbly headed off up the AICR then down the ICR, annoyed at myself for not clearing it today! Then over to the woods, here is Jumbly thinking about riding the last drop. Then it was back over to the cafe for a bacon buttie and a chocolate eclair, lovely. When we came out the rain was pretty heavy, so Jumbly headed home and I headed up the school climb and home. Up on winter hill it felt like winter, the grass looked all frosty but it was just water droplets.

32.77miles @ 7.7mph
1316m climbed
Av HR 121bpm

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  1. I just don't like that last step! Must conquer my fear........