Monday, 11 August 2008

Bottom Bracket problems

This afternoon I rode over to Mike Cooksons in Whitefield to pick up a rear derailleur hanger. I knew they had them in stock so I rode on my trek to ensure it was the correct part. While there Shaun had a look at my bike to check it was ready for next week (transwales) while looking he noticed some movement in my bottom bracket, since this is newly fitted by lifecycles it should be fine, he took it off and it turns out there was no spacer, which there should have been. Shaun rang Hope, I rang lifecycles. Not very helpful, blamed it on Hope and said there was noone in who could sort it. So Shaun kindly did taking the part off another bike. Problem is a bit of the bb seems to be broken. Shaun is sure it'll be fine for next week, but it will probably accelerate the wear, he is going to check after transwales. Ali is going to ring tomorrow, I get too emotional, but she is even less impressed! They knew how important it was, it could have ruined my Hit the North! Bike is going in tomorrow for a few other bits, obviously to Cooksons. They really are a great bike shop! Even Ali likes going in there as she finds they are the only place that doesn't talk down to her!