Thursday, 28 August 2008

Legs are fine

First ride since transwales and the legs felt fine. I was sat at the computer after a huge lunch when I got a text seeing if we could meet at 3pm not 4pm. A quick change of clothes grab of bike stuff and I was on my way over on the singlespeed. The bike felt very odd after spending so long on the trek last week. But by the time I was flying down the commonwealth down I felt good, I was definitely riding downhill faster, but I suppose would have been disappointed if I was slower. At the bottom my arms was buzzing so I let some air out of my forks, had meant to check them but forgot, when I set them up I weighed a little bit more! We played around on the usual trails, here is Jumbly at the top of the Commonwealth Down.
We left Jumbly near the barn to head home and I climbed up the AICR with Carolyn at the top we split with me going down the ICR to meet Ali as she was over at Rivi running. It is definetly the fastest and smoothest I have rode the ICR, must make sure I keep practising my skills.

After waiting a while, Ali and Louise turned up on foot with Andrews on his cross bike after doing a bit of three peaks training.

23.5miles @ 7.5mph 141bpm


  1. Ooh did that make you want a cross bike?

  2. I was admiring his, which can take mudguards etc for use as a winter roadie. But Ali said there is still 20months :(

  3. 20 months!? Can you not get time off for good behaviour?

  4. I know it is beyond mean!!!!!

    He was riding up the ICR yesterday, can we try next time?