Sunday, 3 August 2008

Pendle pedal

I'm still looking happy at the start, fortunately there are no pictures of me at the finish!

Well today was the pendle pedal, last year I rode the short route 100km (60miles) and it nearly killed me, it was the furthest I'd been on a bike and definitely the hardest ride I'd ever done. Well a year later and I was back this time to ride the longer 160km (100miles route). It was actually a little longer this year as well, just to be kind to us! They say there is over 3200m of climbing on the long route so I knew I was in for a tough day. I made sure I was there for the first wave off, I've found that these rides are populated by very fit men and so I am usually one of the slowest, I didn't want to be last back off the road. At 8:04am I was away and the start was fine, a few little hills but I was feeling fine. It wasn't long before we reached Waddington Fell and it definitely felt easier than last year, it was still very hard near the end though. At this point Jon came past I grabbed onto his wheel till the top, where he flew off down the hill and I was a little more cautious, my max speed was set on this descent at 37.5mph (60km/h)! After that I knew the next bit of road and decided to miss the feed station at Slaidburn, it was a little off the route and I still had plenty to eat and drink.

After this it seemed to get harder, a little worrying as I'd only done 60km (my computer was set in km) and my back was hurting. When I rolled into the next feed station, where you had to ride over the mat to show you had done the full distance, I was surprised to see Jon there. I had soon recruited him into helping me fill up my bottles which were getting low and I grabbed a bannan. Apparently he had got a sandwich from someone who was handing them out of the back of a car. I missed that a sandwich would have been nice. We set off from there and I soon lost Jon, he is a lot stronger on the hills, but rolling into the next feed station, who was there, yes Jon. He was struggling with cramp so we stayed together most of the way to the next feed station. Bu this point my back and legs were very sore and I knew we still had to get over Nick o pendle, a climb I remember having to stop on twice last year. I lost Jon after this feed station, but surprisingly Nick o Pendle was okay - well it was hard I struggled but I never felt like I needed to stop! You'd think it would be all downhill from there but no it felt like we just kept going uphill. At this point I seemed to be really struggling, I noticed that my hands were a little shakey and was worried I would bonk, so I stopped and guzzled two gels and a couple of chocolate bars, at that point I realised I really hadn't eaten enough of the food in my pockets. Back on the bike and I dug hard, I wanted to get through 100miles before 8hours - I had it in my head this was 164km, its a little less. But I went through 164km in 7:59:45 so 100miles was definetly done in under 8 hours (that included all stopped time) ao something to cross off my aims. I wonder how fast I could do a faster route?

The next marshall told me I was in the next mile and it was flat after the bridge, amazingly it was. I rolled across the line as Ali ran up saying I was too fast and she hadn't got the camera ready. I was so pleased with my time, I was aiming for sub 9 hours.

Offical time: 08:05:46

Riding time: 07:51:52

Distance: 103.52miles

Average HR: 145bpm

3118m climbed


According to the results, I was the 3rd female back. The fastest female time being 07:54:51 by Jonny Hughes and the fastest overall time was 05:43:04 by Phil Ellison

I found the results here


  1. Actually makes me think all the riding I'm doing is getting me somewhere!

  2. Errrm, yes there is a picture of you at the finish! (I don't know if it's any good or not though).

    Congratulations with the sub 8 hours!!!