Sunday, 19 April 2009

Spring into the Dales Audax

After the last audax ColinJ suggestedthis at the next event, at £3.50 it seemed a bargain so I signed up. I saw Colin as I signed up but somehow missed him on the actual start. I was riding with Colly for a while but I was in Amy world and manage to lose him somewhere, then with someone else who I mislaid - no idea what I was going. After spinning along at easy pace on my own I spotted longers a quick bit of speed and I caught he, goodspeed and another cyclechat lad. Managed not to lose them and had a great ride in the sun.Last night realising I was tired Ali offered to drive me to the start so got a picture of me starting and yes its my first ride on ruby this year, perfect weather for the summer bike. Just need to put the summer tyres on her now!
After the event I rode back via Cragg Vale to get to my century for the month. This creature was part way up the hill, I just had to get a picture! Into Rochdale and I realised I would be short so I headed out Edenfield, Ramsbottom, Affetside and then home. Knock on the door and Ali asks how far I've been, 160km she tells me that isn't quite 100miles and sends me on a loop near me. Thanks so much Ali I would have been annoyed!

103.23 miles @ 13.5 mph
3024m ascent


  1. How many hills??
    That ride profile looks like a saw tooth!

    Very quick too. Looks like i'm going to have to start putting some work in if I want to keep up!

    Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby
    Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya
    Know what ya doing, doing to me?
    Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby

  2. Great job on that hard profile Trio!! Love that shrubbery beastie! I got my metric for April yesterday =)

  3. That ride profile is simply bonkers! Sounds like a good day out though.

  4. Looks like a top workout:)

  5. Paul, not a workout an adventure!

    The ride was a little hilly, I don't think I realised what a hilly route I went home to get the miles in!

    Even better the legs feel fine today as I remembered to stretch!

  6. LOL "go back out and don't come back 'til you've done a full hundred!"

  7. Hi Trio!

    I got held up in the queue for the toilets at the start, so I was stuck at the back of 100+ riders when I emerged from event HQ.

    I rode round at a nice steady with Alun and Svendo off CC. Alun, like me, is currently a bit on the large side so we had agreed to do the ride together at our own pace. Svendo is very fit but he had a bit of a hangover so he rode with us until Keighley and then disappeared off up the hill.

    What a perfect day, eh?

    Well done on that ride. I certainly didn't feel like doing any more by the time we got back to Hebden Bridge.

    Now then - if you liked SITD, you really must pencil in the sister event in October - Season of Mists. It crams 10% more hills into 10% less distance!

    I've got a picture of my bike next to the 'Cragg Vale Dragon' on my blog too! It suddenly appeared at the end of last year. I reckon it was done to enetertain the children attending a day nursery a left turn just after that hedge.

    One last thing you might like to consider... The Red Rose Ride from Halifax on June 14th. It could be your first '200'?

    See you about,

  8. Events are waiting now till I get more work, but that is looking up so lets hope!

    Season of Mists sounds a good event! Will the weather be as good though?

  9. Taking place in early October, SoM has the potential to be cursed by horrid weather, but the last two years it was absolutely great - very much like the weather we had for SITD.