Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Marathon Day

Sunday probably arrived a little soon for Ali and we were up at 5am and out of the house at 6am. The trip to the start went fine. Once again we drove to Epping and this time we got the tube to Charing Cross Station where we got the train to Blackheath. This worked well as every station after Charing Cross was packed and people couldn't get on the train. By this point the sun was up and we headed towards the start. Ali covered her feet in vaseline to try and keep the blisters away.It wasn't long before she had to go into the start area and I had to leave her. By this time I thought my hand was going to fall off she was holding it so tight!
I headed off to mile 7, didn't see her, then mile 17, nope missed her again. But I was in place when she came past from her splits.
Then it was a rush across london to meet her near the finish. That was a nightmare as I couldn't get to the tube station due to a closed road and she actually beat me to the meeting point. Travelling back was fine except any stairs where she struggled to walk!

We got to Cambridge and Ali went to the football, while I sat outside in the car. Then back to her mums for a nice indian takeaway!
Offical time was 4:38:31 I can't believe she went so fast after being ill for three weeks and doing no training!


  1. Well done Ali, very well done, it looked such a hot day too.

    There is a lot to be said for being well rested!

  2. I think the two 3mile runs and cycling to work did just enough, she had lost a lot of fitness when she was ill. Meant her four hour aim was out of the window, but she beat my time by an hour!!

  3. Well done Ali, absolutely delighted for you!!!
    ps There's a present in the post for you!

  4. Yay, fantastic job Ali, well done!

  5. massive congratulations ali! really impressive considering you've not been on top form. and beating trio too-well done! ....will you do it again?

  6. I've already entered the ballot for next year....and am looking at other races to do this year. Quite tempted by the Loch Ness one but need to investigate further...

    Ps...thanks to everyone for all the "good luck" and "well done" wishes :o)

  7. Congratulations Ali, thats a big achievement.