Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Marathon Weekend - Saturday

So marathon weekend had arrived, we had travelled down to Cambridge on the friday night and been very lucky with the traffic. After a panicking Ali earlier in the week I wrote her an itinerary so she knew what she was doing at what time. So on saturday morning we were all up at 6am ready to leave at 7am for the drive to Epping tube station. It all went to plan and we arrived at the expo just after 9am. It was relatively quiet when we arrived and Ali didn't even have to queue to get her number. Some shopping for race clothing and dropping her top off to get her name on the front took hardly anytime so we went round the expo. We both had our running gait analysed! I am in the wrong shoes! I tried the new garmin on my wrist, lovely, and got a new strap for mine - now I need to work out how to change it. As we left the expo had got a lot busier. We then headed to pizza express for a nice lunch before back to cambridge to relax - and in Ali's case panic!


  1. Ooh you tease! And Sunday....??!!

  2. The wrong shoes won't be helping your knees any!

    Looking forward to the report of the race.