Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Mud is back

I had got used to dry trails but today the mud was back. I met up with my friend Ros to do a Great Hill loop. It looked like it was going to rain a lot of the way round and it was very windy but it was a great ride. I rode the descent off great hill this time and actually enjoyed it! On the way back I pinch flatted on the belmont descent and took ages to fix it, no idea what I was going. Probably rushing! Good job it wasn't a race!

Loving riding rig at the moment and new chain showed me how bad the old one was.

31.79 miles @ 8.7 mph
1110m ascent


  1. Having followed you rides you'll have no trouble doing Trans Wales on a single speed. Go for it.

  2. still mud free over here. in fact last night i was complaining about how hard and bumpy the trails were!!

  3. Just wondered if you would be willing to post somehting about a XC mountain bike race series being held in Lee Quarry, Bacup or even if you want to enter. You can find more info at

  4. I'm hoping to enter, it will then get a writeup don't worry!