Monday, 13 April 2009

An easter away

On Wednesday Ali came up with an idea to suprise her mum and go to cambridge for Easter. Since she had been told to rest by the Dr this made sense as all biking and running plans were out the window. So on thursday we headed down, arriving there noone was in, so we unpacked and hid the car and then ourselves. A loud scream was heard when we jumped out on here mum!

Obviously I brought a bike, I had plans for more biking than I did, but three rides; 20miles, 32miles and 40miles, all at over 16mph - it is very flat there its amazing how the hills get you even though compared to here they are nothing, I think I get used to the flat and my legs go what is this???

Then on the way home we stopped at Kettering and watched Cambridge win, a great end to the weekend!


  1. It is very flat! Nowhere near as much riding as planned but not as lazy as I worried I was going to be at one point!

  2. I don't think you know how to be lazy!

  3. lazy compared to my plans! Not in general!

  4. My first footie match was at Rockingham Road (grew up just up the road in a little village) Northamptonshire is a great area for cycling with miles of really quiet country lanes - check out the Rocko Roller or the Spires and Squires sportives on Cyclosport. Not ridden these events but can vouch for the routes.