Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Hail and sun

I had a meeting in Blackburn today to see about some work, since it was informal and about biking I rode there. I wasn't long out of the house and it started hailing, I was beginning to think I should have brought a waterproof with me not just a showerproof. Once I started descending into Darwen though it brightened up. I got to the pub we were meeting at half an hour early so it was nice of the woman working there to give me a magazine to read. There is only so many times you can read the menu!

Meeting went well and I headed back a different way, a little hillier as well. Now the sun was shining and it was the perfect evening for biking, shame I knew I had to get home!

30.99 miles @ 14.1 mph
691m ascent


  1. Congrats on the job Trio.

    30 very hilly miles @ 14mph, after running press-ups and dips (whatever they are).


  2. Did you not do PE at school?


    Wasn't as hilly as most sportives though. First half I was really pleased with, a lot slower on way home - after the line!

  3. A biking-related job? That sounds like heaven - can you spill the beans?!

  4. ps I HATE dips! (or rather my shoulders do)

  5. But they are not meant to work your shoulders?

    I did a cycle instructor course two weeks ago and its following on from that. Teaching bikeability.

  6. I hope the meeting went well and we will read soon that you got the job. Cycling related? What is it?

    Oh, love your pink handlebar tape. :-)

  7. It has pink cables as well ;)

  8. My shoulders hurt doing those dips if my hands are too close together behind me.

    Will you be doing adult cycle instruction? I'm interested in what type of teaching goes on in them as my mum keeps muttering about getting a bike but she's never owned one before and I don't think she has ever really ridden one either.

  9. did you also get paid to sit in the pub? ;)

  10. No and I bought my own drink!